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Included in every page of every website that i run is a little bit of code that is called "X-Clacks-Overhead". An explanation of the Clacks can be found here. Most people use it to honor the great Terry Pratchett himself. As much as i miss Mr. Pratchett, i'm using the Clacks here for a few other people who i miss more.

For Josh Shipman
1990-10-12 - 2006-10-05
Suicide due to anti-queer bullying. Helped me to come to terms with my own queer identity.

For Jesse Higginbotham
1990 - 2007-04-19
Car crash. Always a good person. Contributed to so many projects and helped so many people.

For Hannah Landers
1990-09-28 - 2008-05-06
Car crash. A good friend, whom i miss more than i can say.

There's one more person i have to mention here: Leelah Alcorn
1997-11-15 - 2014-12-28
i wish i'd known Leelah personally, for so many reasons, but we lost her too soon. Her death will always sting all the way to the core,
and is a constant, tough reminder of how many trans siblings we lose every day and every year. Never forget.