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Systems Acceptable Use Policy and Terms Of Service

Please read the following carefully. Thank you!

For all services under the following domains:;;

The Administrator of these domains has laid out the following policies and disclaimers for use on all services under the above listed domains, including and not limited to any subdomains of those domains.


The Administrator has final say when it comes to these policies, as she both runs and owns the servers and services provided. The following policies are to be abided by while using said services:

Failing to abide by these policies will result in warnings and/or banishment.


These services are not provided with any warranty.

All logs kept by these services are used strictly in a debugging capacity, to ensure quality of service, and are deleted when they are no longer needed.

Uptime on these services is as high as possible, given that they are not hosted in a major server farm. Situations will occasionally arise outside of the Administrator's control that may cause downtime.

Updates to all servers and services happen at least once every two weeks, and typically at least once a week. The Administrator will do her best to give warning before services are interrupted, but there will be occasions where prior warning is not feasible.

Servers and services are backed up as possible. The Administrator is working to install redundancies and keep backups, but money is limited and she is doing her best to keep these services free. It is strongly recommended that you keep backups of your work on your own devices as well as the standard backups.